Q Why do we need business partners?
In facing globalization and market demands on local products, we empowered ourselves by gathering business partners to be our subcontractors and alliances. We are willing to say "yes" to every challenge. Our supportive partners enable us to do this.
In fact, you could be the one we are looking for. Please contact us for details.

Q What kind of data should be provided to make the work process efficient?
A complete data of materials, tempering, hardness, production capacity, sample of final product, technical drawing, and sketch, should be provided to make the work process efficient.

What is EDM-Wire ?

By using EDM (Electrical Discharging Machining) principle and the use of generator, while two objects touching each other, the erosion takes place on the surface of the work piece. While the objects are in touch, the temperature will rise up to 8000°C - 12000°C, the result of the surface quality will achieve up to Ra = 0.10 µm.
The standard surfaces often used in the industry are Ra = 0.8 µm up to Ra = 1µm.
The materials often used in the industry are: Metals, Alloy, Carbides, Graphite, etc.
Q What is FEM ?
FEM (Finite Element Method) is type of software made to compute and simulate the reaction of CAD models in respect of stress, magnetism, plastic injection etc.


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