Injection moulding is an effective method for mass production of a specific design idea. Present your idea and we will make it real.

To know more about injection moulding, please read the case study we have provided below.

A design idea is created in a form of three dimensional model or sketch
This design is drawn in the form of technical drawing, by considering the following factors:
+ The production amount
+ The plastic material needed
+ Production budget.
Technical drawing for mouldbase is produced
Choosing and creating the mouldbase
The mouldbase is processed by the following actions, such as:
+ Milling
+ Wire cutting
+ Grinding
+ Manual finishing
Prototype spraying in an injection moulding machine.
Re-checking the mould result prior to mass production.
Final result of the design is realized by considering the colour, design and optic. In addition, this product is now ready to break into the market.


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