Cisindo does series of research to develop specialized techniques towards the most efficient solutions and best results. We keep on developing our system to find the most effective and economist method.
Together with our supportive partners, we are ready to help our customers solving their problems, especially in production and technology.
We do believe that adding or giving a little change to the usual method will create a better result, more efficient and cost effective.

Below is an example of a case study on one of research and development department we have encountered:

A wood production company based in Jakarta - Indonesia wanted to increase their amount of production.

After series of research and study, we came to the point that the central problem is the use of the knife.

From the research we have done, we replaced the old knife with a better quality knife, with an addition of FEM simulation to the knife.

The production turn-over increased up to more than 100% per day. This was realized with a longer durability knife that we have made. Knife substitution was then unnecessary be done as often as before, which realized a faster and more efficient production system.

Other research and development we have done:
+ Plastic technology (water injection, compression injection,etc.)
+ Material technology (plastic, metal and non-metal)
+ Die casting, stamping, progressive die, etc.

For more information about research and development service please do not hesitate to contact us.


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